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Private Sessions

Private sessions are perfect if you require a personalised experience that is tailored to your needs. These sessions allow for greater progression and development and are essential for anyone requiring individual attention, such as those who are injured or are wishing to strengthen post-op. Sometimes group matwork classes are not suitable for clients for various reasons, including specific medical conditions, like back and joint pain, injury, or the severity of a neurological condition. Bespoke sessions speed up the results of Pilates because they are focused only on your individual needs.

Dawn works with Pilates apparatus such as the Cadillac, Reformer, Chair and Baby Arc. These forms of apparatus provide varying levels of resistance through a combination of coloured springs. This allows the exercises undertaken to fluctuate between a more or less challenging experience, depending on the individual client’s needs.

Dawn holds a Pilates Comprehensive Studio Certification and is a Level 4 Low Back Pain Practitioner registered with BackCare.

Private sessions are particularly useful for those suffering with chronic back pain. Dawn will work through a series of gentle and effective exercises, which often help with the prevention and management of low back pain. The gentle and balanced workout will focus on strengthening the core muscles that do so much to support your back, whilst improving the quality of your movements and helping to keep your spine flexible and strong.

Private Sessions are held in Buckinghamshire and cost £60 per hour or £275 for a block of 5 sessions.

Medical referrals are welcome. 1:1 Pilates is particularly effective after you have had an operation, particularly a joint or spinal procedure, subject to medical permission.

Pilates for the Older Person

As a population, we are able to live even longer than ever before and stay active well into our older years. As a Pilates teacher, my role is to ensure that this continues.

Pilates offers a wealth of benefits for the older person. One example of this is by proving incredibly effective in alleviating the symptoms of age-related conditions, like Osteoporosis, Arthritis, Parkinson’s and MS.

Dawn’s specialist class, is suitable for clients wishing to prevent falls by improving mobility and balance. Joint and back pain prevention are also key training elements in this class, as well as improving bone health.

Mixed ability pilates class

Joining a Mixed Ability Pilates Class

Total Pilates matwork classes are suitable for everyone. The majority of the classes are mixed ability but there are some specialist classes for people suffering with back pain, the older person as well as a restorative Pilates class.

Dawn is a Pilates Master Matwork Teacher and a Level 4 Low Back Pain Practitioner, recognised by REPS and registered with BackCare.