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Total Pilates in Radnage

Thursday’s 9am and 10am, Friday 6.30pm

Small group classes that are taught by Master Matwork teacher, Dawn Wilton. Radnage at 9am is a gentle specialist class suitable for the older person and for those of you who are in need of restoring good movement. This class is suitable for those of you with injuries and back pain. Thursday at 10am and Friday at 6.30pm are mixed ability classes.

Radnage Village Hall,
Radnage Common Road,
HP14 4DD

Phone: 07711 838947

Other Venue Locations

Find a class to suit you. Only 12 participants in each class to ensure high quality teaching standards are maintained.

Bledlow Ridge

Monday's 9.30am and 10.30am
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Monday's 6pm, 7.05pm and 8.05pm
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Dawn is a brilliant Pilates teacher, I have noticed great changes in my body since I have been doing her classes. The problems in my shoulder and neck area has gone and the area has been strengthened. My whole body shape has improved. After the long summer holidays my body is calling for one of her classes.

Dawn has also help my daughter with many problems firstly with her clicking hips, the exercise given to her strengthen her hips and the problem has gone away, this was all due to her rapid growth as a teenager. Later when my daughter was suffering with Headaches, Dawn helped again. Dawn spotted that her posture was not correct and help her with strengthening exercises. With the aid of a MRI scan the problem became apparent and she is still in the process of strengthening her neck.
Mrs Evelyn Stewart
I was new to pilates when I joined Dawn’s class in the autumn of 2019 and I was a little unsure if this would be “my thing”, especially as I am not a big exercise class or gym fan, much prefer a good outdoor walk. To my surprise I was hooked in no time at all and that is absolutely due to Dawn’s welcoming fun classes.

Pilates as really made a difference to my stability, flexibility and general core fitness. Since childhood my balance as not been my strong point, but pilates as changed this.

Whether the class is in person or online via Zoom, Dawn is excellent at describing and demonstrating what you need to do. She keeps classes small so she can provide personal help to each member of the class and always checks on any concerns or injuries and provides options to suit everyone. Pilates with Dawn is a thoroughly enjoyable, you can be sure of some friendly chat and a few laughs as you exercise, but remember there’s no hiding in a corner as Dawn is watching every move to make sure you are doing things correctly and safely. Great instructor and fab classes, so glad I joined
Karen, Bledlow Ridge
We have been coming to Dawn’s classes for longer than we can remember. She runs sessions that are at the same time fun and demanding and is always positive and encouraging. Her technical knowledge is excellent and, while we prefer her in person classes where she can keep more of an eye on our foibles, she moved instantaneously to Zoom classes during C19 and these helped to keep us sane during the lockdowns. Dawn has really helped us keep our bodies in (some sort of) shape and we can’t recommend her highly enough.
Helen and John Forsyth
I have been attending Dawn’s Pilates Class in Marlow for several years and enjoy it very much. Dawn makes sure we work on every part of the body and is constantly monitoring us to make sure we are working properly. My core strength has improved and so has my flexibility,both of which I think are very important as we get older ( I am in my sixties ). Dawn has many qualifications and goes to refresher courses to make sure she is up to date with everything. Not only is Dawn a brilliant teacher but the class is fun and does me good.
V Dornhard
Following a diagnosis of a rare auto immune disease back in 2010 I started to find that my mobility was deteriorating. I was experiencing arthritic symptoms and often found myself in considerable pain and discomfort. During one of my regular consultations, my professor suggested that I should try Pilates.

I contacted Dawn who was extremely interested in understanding my reasons for taking up Pilates and from that point I have never looked back.

Dawns classes are very well planned with a good variety of exercises. Throughout the sessions Dawn will adapt exercises for any individuals carrying injuries and she will also advise us if we need to adjust our positions. Despite having many qualifications, Dawn continues to train and often slips new exercises in to her routines!

My core strength and flexibility have certainly improved, as have my aches and pains, and I thoroughly look forward to 6.30pm on a Friday evening.

Thank you Dawn for your commitment to improving other people's lives.
Heidi Nugent
I have been a runner for the last decade but before starting Pilates with Dawn, I had no idea about how to build core strength and flexibility needed to circumvent injuries and build on my running.

I started attending Dawn’s Pilates lessons in 2018 and it completely changed the dynamics for me. Dawn is a fantastic teacher and has indepth knowledge of how muscles and joints work. Her lessons are always well structured and organised. She takes a lot of effort to know everyone’s strengths and weaknesses, even in a group lesson and adjusts the exercises accordingly. Without Dawn’s lessons I could never have built the strength needed to run a marathon. Her lessons are just as good for recovery as they are for strength building. Since attending Dawn’s lessons my core strength and flexibility has come a long way and I have been able to increase my running intensity considerably over the last couple of years. I would highly recommend Dawn as a Pilates teacher regardless of whether you are an athlete or not.
Gayatri Prakash
Early in 2013 I found myself with the Orthopaedic surgeon who had performed back surgery on me to cure a badly slipped disc as he discharged me. Expecting the answer “no”, I asked if I could get back onto the squash court; to my surprise he said “yes” but urged me to combine this with something back friendly. “Pilates?” I asked. “Perfect”, he said. After strong recommendations from a couple of friends, I sought out Dawn and she took me on. I’ve never looked back. I lead a pain free life and I know Dawn’s Pilates classes are a key element in making this possible for me. As a Pilates teacher, she is on top of her game: deeply knowledgeable, motivating, challenging, and fun. I challenge you to find a better Pilates teacher.
Mr N Wyse